Happy Thanksgiving!

No designated post about personal finance today! But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thank all of you for coming over to check out our little blog. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Especially our most prolific commenters:

Thanks also for featuring our work on your blogs:

We’ll be traveling internationally, potentially with slow or no internet access, so we might be slow responding to comments and inquiries until early December! Safe Travels everybody if you’re on the road. Enjoy the family time, food and football (in that order). Have a happy, healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving!

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. A very big Happy Thanksgiving to the entire ERN family! I hope you all have very safe (international!) travels somewhere very fun.

    Thanks for the shoutout, and thanks for the awesome work you do here. Cheers!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ERN … I usually don’t post comments (hardly anywhere), but greatly appreciate the work you do here, as our paths have some similarities. Your analysis is very thought provoking.

  3. Enjoy the getaway. Leave the world and internet behind for a little while. Happy Holidays!


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