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'hedgefundie Portfolio' and wisdom tree leveraged ETFs?

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I realize this post makes me sound defensive! Just trying to talk through my justifications for modest leverage since most of my friends are either buying crypto/GME calls or using every extra dollar to pay down a 2.0% fixed rate mortgage...

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@schmeljones Yeah I'm not critiquing your leverage, especially if you've had the same strategy for awhile. Merely just observing of what it seems like the hot topics on "investing" forums right now.  It seemed like it was meme stocks in 1Q 2021, crypto 2Q 2021 and now leveraged index strategies.  I am by no means calling for a market top and have no idea how this will play out.

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@schmeljones As so often: the optimal path is somewhere between the two extremes. If you use some healthy level of leverage during the accumulation phase you're golden!

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