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In fairness she did try to be friendly and I faked a smile now and then. I just saw her as an interloper. In retrospect it was pretty petty of me. I didn’t see her as mother and so I didn’t, calling her by name when dad wasn’t around. He would have given a good kick up the arse if he knew how I felt. The fact he didn’t ask me was also a sore point. Things started to settle down and I just avoided any interaction. I was pretty sure she knew how I felt. There was a sort of cease-fire and that was fine with me. live cam sex

About two months later dad had to go interstate for some conference or other. I decided that I would spend as little time as possible at home while he was away. Anything to avoid Marsha. Work was a great escape and I would eat out after work and just go home to sleep. I got an urgent call to go to a job one Saturday. Some huge problem I was told. I told Marsha I would gone all day and meet mates at the pub for dinner. As it turned out the problem wasn’t as serious as first thought so I was finished mid-afternoon. I decided to head home, change and go out later. I walked in the front door and stopped deep in my tracks. There was Marsha and some woman hugging and kissing. The woman was dressed but Marsha was just wearing a bathrobe. It didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on. The woman hurried out the door leaving Marsha looking guilty. nude cam girls

“I wasn’t expecting you home today” Marsha said. “Obviously” I replied “it looks like I interrupted something”. “Adam, it wasn’t what it looks like” she said. “Oh, so seeing you kissing her and wearing just a bathrobe isn’t what it looks like” I said. “Ok you are right. Please don’t say anything to anyone. Please” she responded. I stood there feeling pretty snug. “You mean don’t tell dad?” I asked. “Well yes, especially him” was her reply. I felt like I was in power and decided to use it. “Well if I am to remain silent I expect something in return” I said. She started at me. “I can guess what you are thinking” she said “not that, please, not that” she was begging, I wasn’t listening. webcam girls

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