We are Early Retirement Now, or ERN, and right now we prefer to not give more information about our identities, except that we are a married couple with a young daughter. Papa ERN (Big ERN) is in his early 40s and Mama ERN in her early 30s. We plan to retire in a few short month (March or April 2018), so strictly speaking, our blog title is a bit of a misnomer because as of right now we’re not actually retired. A lot of other early retirement blogs are run by retired bloggers, so we decided to start our blog early to follow our journey through the last few years before retirement and then (hopefully) many decades or retired life.

Currently, almost nobody knows about our plan to retire early. Not our relatives, not our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. To us, early retirement is this very life-changing event and profound lifetime goal and we don’t want to jinx it by talking about it too early. Out of an abundance of caution, therefore, we will keep our plan a secret, at least for now. Otherwise, it would be a bit like announcing we are going to have a baby in two years. A lot can go wrong with that, too. We don’t want to have to answer nagging questions from everybody. Worst of all, we don’t want people trying to talk us out of it. Once we go public you will see more of us!

Our current situation

We live in one of the large metro areas where real estate prices are insane. Luckily, we own a nice condo in town that we bought many years ago. Large enough for the three of us to live comfortably, but not too large either. Our mortgage payment may seem high almost anywhere else in the country, but it’s so low in our current location, you probably couldn’t rent a 600 square foot one bedroom apartment for that right price now. Papa ERN works full-time in the asset management division for a large bank. Mama ERN used to work fulltime in the healthcare field but decided to mostly stay home and care for our daughter and only work part-time as a nurse now.

Our Blog

In the large spectrum of existing Early Retirement blogs, where is our niche? We hope that people will enjoy our views on everything financial. Sometimes we read other blogs and we have something intelligent and new to say, but by posting in the comments section, not many people will get to see it. We like to create a permanent record, share our views with a hopefully larger audience and get feedback and suggestions for our journey to Early Retirement. Some of the topics we write about:

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  1. Hi, I enjoy your site. We’re close to becoming FI and will probably stay working just a bit longer (maybe a year or two) since our we don’t hate our jobs and like our company. We just have to deal with the corporate BS but it can be a lot worst. I sense many bloggers going public in 2018! Awesome!

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    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Sorry, your note landed in the spam folder initially. No idea why. But I guess comments on the “About” page face higher scrutiny from the akismet anti-spam software.
      Anyways, glad we could connect. I saw your blog already and enjoy your work. Yes, 2017-18 should see a lot of folks finally pulling the plug!
      Stay in touch!

      PS: I now closed this page for comments. It seems that the spam filter just filters out even legitimate messages on the “About” page.
      If you want to contact us please do so via the contact tab or leave a comment after one of our blog posts, 🙂
      Mr. ERN


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