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Other Early Retirement and Personal Finance Blogs

Rock Star Finance is a collection of articles in finance with heavy emphasis on early retirement, but also other more general topics

Go Curry Cracker! This couple retired in their 30s to travel the world. Very nicely written travel blog, great life story and a great sense of humor. Useful analysis on tax reduction.

Mr. Money Mustache offers tons of money-saving hacks and inspiration for the living-below-your-means (LBYM) community

jlcollinsnh Stock Series has everything you always wanted to know about equity investing

Money is the Root of Good for this retiree at age 33. Good retirement and general money saving tips

Budgets are sexy is the blog of the Rock Star Finance creator J. Money

Mr.FireStation just accomplished what we envision in early 2018: Early Retirement. Nice reading through his pre-retirement preparations and experience

Gen Y Finance Guy Tracking the progress of an aspiring millionaire who wants to reach a $10 million net worth by 2035

J.D. Roth runs MoneyBoss, even wrote a whole book on financial freedom. Interesting life story; pulled himself out of debt and achieved financial independence in 10 years

Frugal Vagabond Working towards financial independence. Good advice on running rentals and retirement abroad

Smelling Freedom Early retirement and financial planning advice from a successful entrepreneur who recently sold her business to retire early

Plan Invest Escape Mrs. & Mrs. PIE are planning an early retirement in 2018 (just like us!!!) with a passion for the outdoors, like hiking and skiing (just like us!!!)

Our Next Life Young couple planning an early exit from the job market

Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist is a medical professional who goes on 3-month gigs, travels with a trailer, saves on housing to achieve an impressive savings rate in the 80-90% range. Impressive!

Physician on FIRE Has achieved FI already but delays the RE part. Great discussion on all personal finance issues. Check out the excellent interview series, called Christopher Guest Post

Retire by 40‘s Joe actually beat his target by a few years and is a stay-at-home dad. Very active blog with good advice on anything personal finance and early retirement

Slowly Sipping Coffee is a pair of geologists from Texas who plan their retirement around the same time as ours

Amber Tree Leaves lives in Belgium and is using options trading as a source of passive income

Northern Expenditure A couple living with their three kids in Alaska and working towards FIRE. Frequent and very informative posts and active discussions!

Tawcan resides in Canada and is one of the dividend wizards. Good posts on many other finance topics and an active discussion in the comments section!

Debt Discipline has one of the longest running and most extensive interview series with other bloggers. Also lots of cool posts on debt reduction and personal finance in general. Active discussions!

Investment Hunting shares our interest in options trading. Good coverage on dividend strategies and an interesting interview series.

The Green Swan became a millionaire by age 30. Good insights on everything financial and great discussions.

The Practical Saver: The name says it all, good tips for paying off debt, saving/investing, and everything frugal.

(10!) Ten Factorial Rocks: Up and coming blog about investing well, avoiding financial pitfalls and achieving a net worth of $10!=$1x2x3x…x10=$3,628,800.

Think Save Retire: Steve is getting ready to retire in late 2016 and offers great insights and inspiration on everything FIRE related. This blog is a true classic and has very active discussions!

The Retirement Manifesto is a fellow options trader and runs a blog with active discussions and great analysis and inspiration!

FIscovery: They put together a list of their favorite FIRE blogs (including us, Yay!), each with the five most recent posts. Blogroll 2.0. Great idea!

Enchumbao: A young couple (about our age) with plans to retire soon and a blog about FIRE finances, lifestyle, and health. They also got a kick-a$$ blogroll!

From Cents To Retirement:  Fellow Ph.D., originally from Portugal, lives and works in Germany and plans FIRE in a few years with a real estate and dividend stock portfolio.


Quandl Tons of financial and economic data (most of it free of charge), with easy data download tools for Excel and other programs (R, Python)

DQYDJ Equity Return Calculator Simulate historic equity returns, customize initial investment, periodic investments

FX Street: Mr. ERN (who’s a real economics and finance wonk) likes to follow this because it has all the economic data releases (e.g. payroll employment, GDP, PMI surveys etc.) for that day all in one place. This includes not just the absolute number but also a comparison to what was the consensus forecast (to see if the number was a positive or negative surprise). U.S and international!

Online Tools

cFireSim Simulation tool for historical withdrawal rate calculations. How would your withdrawal rate have performed in the past?


A Random Walk Down Wall Street is Burton Malkiel’s masterpiece that teaches you everything you need to know for successful investing

The Millionaire Next Door is the classic from the 1990s. Millionaires are often self-made rich, down to earth people, living below their means and accumulating large fortunes without feeling the urge of conspicuous consumption like their bankrupt neighbors

Your Money or Your Life is the classic on extreme LBYM living, long before there were blogs. The early version (1990s) had some pretty whacky advice on bond investing, but I believe that has been fixed now

Other Important Resources

Vanguard Low cost Index Mutual Funds and ETFs

Fidelity Low cost Index Mutual Funds and ETFs

Interactive Brokers is a brokerage platform. You can trade equities, futures and options on futures with very low transaction costs

Wealthfront is the only automated (Robo) Advisor we would recommend (as opposed to Betterment), and even then only with qualifications, see our post here about some of the false advertising of the Robo-advisers.

Personal Capital is a pretty cool site to track all your financial accounts (brokerage, retirement accounts, credit cards, real estate values through Zillow). Also has a crude retirement planning tool