Guest Post Guidelines

I keep receiving a lot of inquiries from people offering to write a guest post for my site. If you consider contributing a guest post please keep in mind the following simple guidelines:

  • Please don’t contact me to ask if you can write a guest post for me. Just write one and submit it. I will let you know within 24 hours whether I like to publish it.
  • Target around 800-1,500 words.
  • I am not interested in posts that are too generic (“Three ways to lower your cable bill”), too trivial (“How to buy and sell stocks”), too blatantly commercial (littered with third-party links) or poorly written. English is my second language, so if I can spot too many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors it’s a bad sign!
  • The post has to be a good fit for my blog. Ideally, write about a personal finance topic and use some calculations and number-crunching. I am always interested in learning about exotic investments (private equity, hard money lending, derivatives trading, etc.), asset allocation and/or your return expectations for different asset classes. Or offer a unique, personal perspective on your personal finances and plans.



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