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Everybody, I was on a podcast on, please see link below. Steve and I sat down to talk about personal finance in general and – you guessed it – safe withdrawal strategies in retirement:

Link to the podcast at

NewRetirement iTunes page

NewRetirement Stitcher page


And when I say “sat down” I mean we really met in person at the New Retirement recording studio (in Steve’s garage) just outside of San Francisco. The first time I ever did a podcast with the interviewer sitting across the table from me! It turned out really great, so if you have time, please check it out and also don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes/Stitcher. It’s a new podcast but with some really high-profile guests (e.g., J.D. Roth from MoneyBoss/GetRichSlowly, The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Clements, etc.)!

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