Meet the ERN family!

Well, the day has come! I have finally announced at work that I will be retiring! We have talked to family and friends about our plans. No turning back now! One way I ensured that I’m not going to get cold feet was to do the ChooseFI podcast that I knew will broadcast on March 12. Since I spilled the beans there I might as well do so here on the blog as well! Continue reading “Meet the ERN family!”


We are Early Retirement Now, or ERN, and right now we prefer to not give more information about our identities, except that we are a married couple with a young daughter. Papa ERN is in his early 40s and Mama ERN in her early 30s. We plan to  retire in 2018, so strictly speaking, our blog title is a bit of a misnomer because as of right now we’re not actually retired. Extreme retirement planners that we are, planning ahead two years is nothing, considering that retirement has been on our minds for decades already. Seeing that a lot of other early retirement blogs are from already retired, established and successful bloggers, we decided to start our blog early to follow our journey through the last few years before retirement and then (hopefully) many decades or retired life.

Currently, nobody knows about our plan to retire early. Not our relatives, not our friends, neighbors and colleagues. To us, early retirement is this very life-changing event and profound lifetime goal and we don’t want to jinx it by talking about it too early. Out of an abundance of caution, therefore, we will keep our plan a secret, at least for now. Otherwise it would be a bit like announcing we are going to have a baby in two years. A lot can go wrong with that, too. We don’t want to have to answer nagging questions from everybody. Worst of all, we don’t want people trying to talk us out of it. Once we go public, in early 2018, you will see more of us! Continue reading “Welcome”