My Interview on the Physician on FIRE blog!

My interactions with medical doctors normally involve the question “on a scale from 0 to 10, how much pain do you feel?” So, I was relieved when my blogging friend Physician of FIRE invited me over to answer questions about blogging, personal finance, and life in general as part of his “Christopher Guest Post” series. But given Dr. PoF’s strange fascination with “spinal taps” and the number 11, I was a bit nervous at first:

Coming soon to a hospital near you?!

But it turns out that “Spinal Tap” refers to the fictional rock band in a Rob Reiner movie and whether measured on a scale from zero to ten or zero to eleven, of course, the interview was completely pain-free (remember, PoF is an anesthesiologist). I had great fun chatting about personal finance, what motivated me to start a blog, food and drink preferences, crazy uncles at Thanksgiving dinners, and Veterinarians on FIRE. So, if you haven’t read the interview yet, please check out the

Link to the Christopher Guest Post with Mr. ERN

… and all the other cool content on Dr. PoF’s site. Enjoy!

Thanks for featuring me on your blog and bringing some exposure (notoriety?) to our little blog!


“These go to eleven!”

2 thoughts on “My Interview on the Physician on FIRE blog!

  1. I love it, Big ERN! I’m going to have to surf on over there to be reminded what I wrote in response to your answers the other night. All that Belgian beer talk got me thirsty, so I paired the preparation of that post with a nice fresh hopped homebrew or two.


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